Your freshly started

Your freshly started business
Starting a business

Starting a business:
tips to remember

Increase your chances of success by building a good business model. In this way, you will gradually improve your daily life. An entrepreneur who wants to succeed must unleash his or her eagerness for innovation and persevere without being stubborn.

To do so, consider drawing up an achievable schedule by making a firm and reasonable commitment, avoiding impossible deadlines to reduce stress and thus meeting your targets.

Setting up your

Business plan

Business plan

A business plan often includes a budget forecast.

Market research

Market research is the process of studying the market before starting a business.

Business ideas

Business ideas

Franchising is a great source of innovative concepts and ideas.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy defines the positioning of a company in its market.

The key

Setting up your business

Financial aid
Aid for setting up a business

Participatory financing

Participatory financing

Participatory financing is an exchange of funds between individuals. This takes place outside the traditional financial circuits.

Business angels

Business angels usually favour local or regional companies. They invest part of their money in companies with high potential.

Intercompany loans

Intercompany loans

The inter-company loan affects private limited liability companies, medium-sized companies and SMEs/SMIs. It is a type of loan that companies grant to each other.

Updating product information
in real-time

The PIM is a product information management system that allows you to synchronise, control and centralise all data relating to your products. Indeed, by using the PIM tool, you can update your product information in real-time.

Retaining new customers using
the right techniques

There are several techniques to retain new customers, one of which is loyalty through social networks. Indeed, social media allow you to quickly achieve the desired results.

Loyalty can also be built through emailing, sponsorship and loyalty cards. Last but not least, attracting new customers by word of mouth is still and will always be on the cards!

Retaining new customers using

Management &

Choosing your

When choosing a chartered accountant, make sure that he or she holds a degree in public accountancy and is registered with the National Association of Chartered Accountants. Accounting professionals who do not comply with these conditions are liable to heavy penalties. On another note, the choice of professional may depend on your tax regime, your legal status or the nature of your business.

The business owner or manager must be careful when looking for an accountant. Indeed, they should entrust this job to someone familiar with their expectations. It is therefore recommended to call on an expert as soon as the company is created.

Boosting your business

Expanding your network

There are several ways to grow your network: use social networks, focus on strong relationships, work on your storytelling, etc.

Communication strategy

Turn your communication strategy into a success by defining your objectives and identifying your targets. This process aims to help you achieve your goals.

Social networks

Social media allows professionals, users and private individuals to share information with a large number of Internet users.