Management and Accounting

Business: how to avoid duplicate files?

It is very important to distribute the right information at the right time and in the right place. But you should not forget that the data must be reliable to facilitate decision-making. Therefore, it is necessary to remove duplicates in…

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Business owner: how to determine your wages?

To determine his/her salary, the entrepreneur has several options. Depending on their status, they can choose to pay a salary, distribute dividends or receive benefits in kind. Determining the entrepreneur’s pay The cash flow of the company should determine the…

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How to change your company name?

Changing your company name means changing its legal status. In this article, you will find all the steps and procedures to follow for each legal form. The decision must be taken by the competent bodies! In the case of a…

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What are the tools to dematerialize your invoices?

The dematerialization of invoices can change paper invoices into electronic ones. But beyond this easy administrative action, dematerialisation of invoices allows for substantial savings and productivity. Not that you need to send an invoice by email. Here are the methods…

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