Business: how to effectively fight against cyber-attacks?

Published on : 24 December 20212 min reading time
Cyber-attacks and their perpetrators come in different forms, such as attacking a computer remotely with a virus, illegally entering your company’s or worker’s sensitive information, financial falsification caused by hacking bank accounts, etc. Every business, regardless of its size and location, is exposed to the threat of random cyber-attacks. The following few lines will shed more light on the subject.

How to fight against cyber attacks?

You should protect your company’s important information from being accessed by your employees. In this way, you limit the risk of error, which is considered to be the source of danger for the security of your sensitive data. Your employees can only access the specific systems and data required for their work.

When an employee has decided to leave your company or is assigned elsewhere, you should immediately take steps to protect your data by withdrawing passwords and accounts on all systems and taking back registration badges and company keys.

Other methods to combat cyber-attacks

You should install lightning rods and uninterruptible power supplies that give you the time and autonomy to properly store your information when you experience a power outage. You also need to make sure that the UPS matches the regulations and needs of your business.

All devices connected to a computer or network should be connected to a UPS. Other devices that are not sensitive and unconnected equipment usually need a surge protector. However, the installation of the UPS and surge protector must be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

More on how to combat cyber-attacks

You should constantly update your operating systems and software. Indeed, you will fall victim to cyber-attacks more easily if you do not regularly patch and update all software on the devices used by your workers. Note that you should check for updates before you buy a computer or install a new software system.

Software suppliers cannot provide you with security updates, especially for products that are not supported. You are therefore advised to regularly download operating system updates. These usually include modern or innovative security systems.

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