How to draw up a business plan?

The business plan is defined as a written document that allows the formalisation of a business project. In particular, it involves setting out a strategy for finding financing and convincing potential partners to gain their trust. Find out how to write a business plan.

What are the steps in writing a business plan?

In order to launch a business, it is essential to draw up a business plan. This document makes it possible to secure external financing and to mature the project. Among other things, the business plan is a tool for presenting the realisation of a project, the achievement of targets through the implementation of a strategy. To write a business plan, there are steps to undertake. Initially, the executive summary and the presentation of the founding team must be written. Next, you need to make the value statement and the market study. You should also define the commercialisation strategy of the project, determine the communication strategy and establish the business model. And before finding financing, you will have to define the legal status of your company.

How to get a business plan in PDF format?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) now seems to be an unavoidable standard for presenting your business plan. In order to have your business plan in PDF format, you should follow a few steps. To start with, you will need to find a business plan software to generate the document and export it to the desired format. Then you need to collect all the numerical assumptions and write the presentation file. After gathering the information and checking the consistency of the file, you need to download the business plan as a PDF. Digital apps are available to generate a business plan free of charge and to save it as a PDF.

What should the start-up business plan look like?

Winning over investors, counterparts and partners remains the main objective of the documents making up the business plan. To do this, it is essential to produce balanced, complete and clear documents. It should be noted that the first attributes of a business plan should be its clarity and logic. The third quality is completeness. In practice, in PowerPoint form, a business plan should display certain characteristics. The business plan should be impactful, illustrated and visual. Moreover, it should be coherent with the company's colours and spirit. Even if the subject looks like fun, the presentation must be rigorous. Furthermore, the presentation should show a progress status indicator in order to visualise what remains to be done and what has already been done. However, it should focus on the essentials: the factuality of the figures, the skills of the founders and the relevance of the positioning.

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