What are the financial aids available for starting a business?

Launching or taking over a business often involves a fairly substantial start-up capital. Moreover, raising the necessary funds to set up a business can be a real challenge for project leaders. Fortunately, most entrepreneurs can now benefit from financial aid to subsidise the early stages of their projects. Find out about the main types of funding you can apply for in France.

The interest-free loan and the aid for the creation or takeover of a business

Among the public aids to choose from to finance the setting up of your project is the zero-interest loan offered by the new support for business creation and takeover organisation. This unsecured capital loan (duration of 1 to 5 years) will enable entrepreneurs to easily set up their companies. At the same time, the institution will assist you in presenting your project and checking the financing plan. The aid for the creation or takeover of a business is a contribution paid by an employment agency for job seekers who have taken the initiative to create or take over a business. The amount of this allocation can represent up to 45% of the balance of your unemployment benefit.

Public aid to finance a project

In addition to public aid, you should know that you can apply to public institutions for funding. These organisations have a mission to support innovation and growth in SMEs. Accordingly, they can grant you financial aid adapted to your situation: a subsidy, an advance, a loan with or without guarantees. Entrepreneurs with disabilities can turn to the fundings allocated by the association for the management of the fund for the integration of disabled people. In addition to the grant (amount capped at 6,000 euros), you will receive a capital contribution of at least 1,000 euros.

Solidarity loan and private aid

When setting up a business, you can apply for a solidarity loan from an association for the right to economic initiative. The latter can offer you a small credit contract worth up to €10,000 to be repaid over 4 years. For young creators, it is even possible to benefit from a zero-interest loan on trust as well as assistance with the procedures. There are two types of private aid for starting a business: - The loan on trust (zero interest), granted by a business creation/takeover network, a foundation, or an association. - Competitions within foundations and private structures. Finally, agricultural enterprises can obtain an agricultural orientation premium as well as tax benefits and financial aid from the city or the territorial community. 

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