What is PIM?

Published on : 24 March 20223 min reading time
Managing a company is a time-consuming job because of the numerous missions a manager should take care of. The latter needs all the help he/she can get from his/her family, his/her employees and also the IT tools. Every management tool is unique and authentic, including PIM software. But what exactly is it for?

PIM software: description

PIM is Product Information Management, i.e. a tool capable of centralising or managing product information. It contains multiple sales channels and serves to store all the data in one place. For companies that want to move forward on the customer experience, PIM is undoubtedly their best asset!

PIM helps any business to enhance its product brand and keep its potential customers stuck on it. For more information, click this link: PIM solution.

How does PIM work exactly?

For your product information management to work at maximum efficiency, you need to follow a few key steps. First of all, you need to identify the sales data in your company’s information system. Then you go through the cleaning process to avoid duplication of stored data everywhere. Then you are ready for the filling phase. It is essential to amend the existing data and put them into channel codes (the one on the PC is different from your smartphone).

It is possible to avoid the fact that your company is the only contributor to the PIM. You enter your collaborators into the PIM for a product listing job. The presence of your PIM is functional; the update is operational with the distribution of sales channels.

The benefits of using PIM software

Several advantages will be presented to you with the PIM software. It collects and especially stores several data at the same time. It thus can be your collaborator; you just have to know how to handle it well. That is to say, it avoids all kinds of mistakes; even those made by your team and above all, it corrects all types of blunders. PIM perfectly warns you and responds to these mistakes.

It is very easy for you to find sales or customer data or information. Just type in a keyword from that file and it will pop up immediately. PIM is functional, capable of storing any type of data, reliable, and secure. One of the qualities of PIM is that it can increase a product range. Your time and products are saved by introducing new items more easily. PIM also contains an automatic tradition system. There’s nothing more to say about its equipment. Finally, PIM is a universal piece of software.

To conclude, PIM is a computer tool capable of managing the product information of any company. It is considered indispensable because it facilitates and simplifies the storage management of multiple data of any company and its customers.

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