How to get refunded for your training costs?

Published on : 24 December 20213 min reading time
In the course of your professional career, you will have the possibility to follow training courses to acquire new skills. Professional training is a right that affects all working people (employees, self-employed, or jobseekers). It can be repaid by the employer or by a dedicated organisation depending on your employment status. However, this requires you to meet certain conditions, whether the reimbursement is full or only partial.

The rules of professional training costs refund

Toward supporting the willingness of workers to undergo training, many plans have been set up to reimburse their professional training costs. Employers pay monthly contributions to institutions specialised in informing, advising, guiding and supporting employees in their training. Employees can thus benefit from even partial reimbursement. Pôle Emploi also supports this initiative by offering reimbursement for job seekers. Different institutions also fund civil servants and the self-employed. However, there are eligibility conditions for reimbursement that one should know.

Refund conditions

To obtain refunds, employees on permanent contracts must have at least 24 months’ seniority, 12 of which must be with the company. They must also apply for individual training leave which must be validated by the employer for the duration of the training. Reimbursement will then be paid by the fund for the management of individual training leave or the approved parity organization provided that the employer is up to date with the contributions. For employees on fixed-term contracts, they must have worked for at least 24 months during the last 5 years and have been employed for at least 4 months during the year. Finally, civil servants must have at least 3 years’ seniority and not have accumulated any professional training for 3 years. Jobseekers can also be reimbursed for training through the back-to-work assistance offered by employment agencies or the Personal Training Account (a partial reimbursement). Self-employed workers will be reimbursed by the union for the collection of social security contributions and family allowances if the training is included in the predefined list of reimbursements.

Procedures for the refund of professional training

To obtain reimbursement of educational costs and related expenses, a request for reimbursement must be sent in with the necessary supporting documents. This consists of the invoice for the training course, with the title, nature, duration, and price. You must also enclose the training certificate obtained. The most important document is the training agreement. This is a document signed between the person concerned and the training organisation specifying the financial conditions for the payment of the course.

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